Monday, April 27, 2009

Niece's Birthday

Nur Batrisya, Suzie's beloved niece turn to 4 this year. Request for green dress barbie. Sorry ye isya..

Wilton's Method I

Done! 2 more to go……

Choc Moist Birthday Cake

Officemate, Aju’s son birthday…….

Thanx Aju…..

Saturday, April 25, 2009



To all Chunky Bites Lovers ! Visit us at Plaza Angsana 24th-27th April 2009 under IAT ( Industri Asas Tani ) exhibition. We're selling cup cakes, muffins, curry puff and varieties biscuits. Do visit us now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ultraman Agul - A Boy's Dream Came True

This special 4 kg cake is requested personally from the birthday boy ..he called and specifically described what details he wanted….

When about to seal the cake , we noticed that his name was wrongly spelled!!! It was spelt Iqbal Danish instead id DANISH IQBAL… but, better late than never noticed kan….

Oh…btw, Iqbal is Suzie’s (of ChunkyBites) son…..

MU Cake

This chocolate moist cake was decorated with edible image, (Puan Azi of Azie Cakes & Cookies provide the printing services), ordered from a very dear friend – Kak Is from Jalan Serama …

It’s for her teenage son’ bday..Thanx Kak Is

Ice Cream Cake ....

Now ChunkyBites offers ice-cream cake of any flavour too!

Colourful Cup Cakes

Dyla is a very tall, beautiful lady who is, mind you, a model here in jb… She ordered the cake for her parents-in-law to-be 33rd Anniversary! She wanted it to be all buttercream and colourful possible….

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chef Alan's Class

Chef Alan Ooi from Kuala Lumpur conducted a class on these 3 yummylicious cakes – orange, strawberry and blueberry mousse cake


Hantaran Cuppies and Agar-agar

Aishah and her mom, from Perling, requested for these items specially for her sister’s hantaran…. The theme is purple and gold….

Thanx aishah…

Jintan Manis- Special Order

Oleen the owner of Jintan Manis, a cool eatery spot located in Larkin, next to the Sultan Ismail’s library , same row as the Warung Mana Lagi…ordered chicken floss muffin and almond brownies for her catering service

Never in mind we got referred to clients like Oleen…and in the same week she ordered choc moist cake for her husband’s birthday

Thanx Oleen…may this be a good start for a great business venture!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Minute Order

Our regular customer, Kak Jah requested the cuppies in less than 4 hours.. luckily we have extra cuppies from the same day order… haha

ChunkyBites wants to give our best service possible and it felt bad to turn down requests….

Thx again Kak Jah

Choc Tales....

Tq again kak Fadzillah for this order ...they’re for her sister Nor….

A Birthday Cake For Abah

Raja Faizah (tq kak Fadzillah for referring her to us) wanted to surprised her father with this cake…when asked bout what her father likes most she replied…rokok….. haha… and that’s her theme! She told us that her father is a sport and he won’t mind getting the joke…..

Thanx Faizah….

Btw, the ciggies are made of fondant…

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolate Anyone?

ChunkyBites offers our new array of chocolates…marzipan, fondant almond, strawberry, hazelnuts…lots more