Friday, May 29, 2009

Edible Cuppies

Latest project with Rozie's Decor, request for MARDI and Wawasan printed logo sorrounded with coconut flakes. Thanx Rozie for the opportunity. Really appreciate !!!

Wedding Cake Galore

This project is a collaboration with AZM Bridal & Canopy, a distinguished wedding planner in JB..we were appointed as the cake decorator and the themed was purple/pink/yellow….

The cake was steamed buttercream frosted…
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Mini Birthday Cuppies...

These little cuppies was ordered by Jemaah’s friend for her son’s birthday…she wanted the same concept as Jemaah had but we twist a lil bit….hope she didn’t mind

Assorted Cuppies For Makan-makan

Ordered by Jemaah’s officemates for’s choc moist cuppies..We got very positive response after that…

Thank you all!

Gumpaste Flower Course by Calvin

Yay! Finally… we got the chance of learning and experimenting the wonderful world of gumpaste flower course and… another bonus…. the instructor was none other than Mr Calvin of Black Forest Tavern, Instructor of PME courses who travels to all part of the world to conduct various classes….

ChunkyBites is also honoured to sit in the same room with Rani Of Bakedecorate2u, Ita of Gula Dan Mentega, and Kak Aishah of Cakes & Cupcakes… and our special thanx to Lynn Hassan Of MyHadiah for hosting the class…

3 days..3 new wonderful friends..a great host..a superb instructor..what more could we ask……

Happy Belated Mother's Day

A neighbour ordered this cake for their Fardhu Ain class in conjunction with Mother’s Day…It was a 4kg choc moist cake….

Super Heroes Cuppies

A repeat order from our loyal customer Jemaah oh LHDN for her twin sons’ birthday..colors to avoid were pink and we carefully make sure the usage was minimum possible..

Thanx Jemaah

We Love Teachers

This was an order made by Jell for his cute son Quzay..or known as Putera in school…

Thanx Jell…

Teacher's Day

A teacher’s day gift from our Adam ( Raishan's son ) to his teacher.

Strawberry Shortcake Cup Cakes

Ordered by K.Ah - whole bunch of strawberry shortcake cup cakes for Wan Makhzanah ( daughter of Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Maimunah ) to celebrate her 4th birthday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Pulut and Cuppies

This presentation was specially for Cikgu Hjh Kamariah for her son’s wedding..she requested for a pulut kuning cake instead and as for the cuppies….MU cuppies! As long as our customers happy..we’ll do our best to deliver….

Terima kasih Cikgu

Engagement Giveaways

Teacher Anie’s sister Eeda, ordered this set for their brother’s engagement to give their guest..the theme was turquoise…

Thanx guys…

Door Gifts for Puspanita

Jemaah from LHDN ordered this cuppies for Puspanita function held at her office… thank you Jemaah for trusting us……

Cupcake Decorating Class-advanced

These techniques were taught by Pn Azie comprised of steamed buttercream method and fondant….What a great class!

Cuppies Garden

This order was for azilah’s sister hantaran…..

Love doing it….. thanx azilah

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ayu, Putri Birthday Cuppies

Surprise gift fromAyu to her best friend Putri. They celebrate birthday together. Girls Just wanna have fun !!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


DUE TO MISS COMMUNICATION, WE WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE TO LYN AND HER MUM ( SwEeTMuM's Creation ) for publishing this picture at CHUNKY BITES booth during Expo Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia, PERSADA JOHOR.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Dear Chunky Bites lovers....

We will be at PERSADA JOHOR from 5th- 10th May 2009 ( yes tomorrow !! ). To those who miss us at Angsana, do visit us there, 9 am until 11 pm , Ekspo Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia. See u there !

Hantaran Cuppies

You won’t believe this but these cuppies were Bob’s gift for her Fiancee… Unique wasn’t it…..

Congrats to both of u…..

Fondant Wedding Cake

We started to prepare the roses 2 weeks before the wedding….a very challenging task but a very satisfying accomplishment….

Thank you Azilah and her warm family for the chance,…. even though we are total strangers

We are still in our learning phase and trying our best to catch up and meet our customers’ request and we would like to express our appreciation for the trust and encouragement given to underdogs like us….

Charity Cuppies

Again, this was from Teacher Annie of Tadika Elit Ceria…her daughter, Meera is participating in her school activities by selling cuppies and the proceed will be contributed to the school. So…we suggested her to sell the mini cuppies instead and at a special price…

Teacher Annie is sooo sweet she even promotes ChunkyBites in her Facebook… Thanx a mil teacher!

Suga Box .... Old News

These items…the sugarbox and crystal fruits were requested for Darling’s engagement…yes..that Darling Ngasri…. Unfortunately the box didn’t fit the dulang well so they put the fruits in a huge glass instead…..we don’t have the final picture for we did saw one in the news

MU cuppies for dear hubby..

Our lovely Principal Annie fromTadika Elit again order these birthday cuppies, but this time for her husband who loves MU

Thanx Teacher!

ChunkyBites at Pasaria Usawanita Johor Bahru

ChunkyBites participated in the event…we sell cuppies and layered currypuff…. We didn’t get the chance to snap lots of photo coz we were quite busy at that time….

The puff was gone in juz 3 hours and our cuppies sold out too!!

Note: the pix above is a candid taken while a friend enjoying her third in a row cupcake……

Hantaran Cuppies

If before Zyla ordered cuppies for her hantaran, this time her sister Ina requested for a purple/black cuppies for her nikah ……