Friday, July 31, 2009

For Him & Her

Congratulation Dino ( FAMA) for your wedding ! This hantaran was ordered by the groom. Semoga diberkati perkahwinan hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin ............................

Chocolate Fondant Decor

It's Calvin again!!!!! This time, at Artisan Kelana Jaya we got to learn the art of making chocolate fondant..and also roses... the recipe was invented by Calvin himself and it tasted soooo yummy...the ingredients were of best quality and the aroma was heaven.....

so, went there with my 2 good friends, Azie and Kak Fadzillah...drove all the way from JB for a worthwhile trip..we went back happy.....

Thanx Calvin..and Thanx Lynn Hassan for coordinating the wonderful class..Looking forward to the next one!

Wedding Cakes

Cikgu Noni, the bride first met us during our exhibition at Plaza Angsana..though quite some time, she still kept our number and requested the cakes for her wedding..Her theme was purple white with a little splash of pink

Thanx Noni, have a blessful marriage.....

Wedding Hantaran

A gift from someone to her relative for the daughter's wedding.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Suprised Cuppies For Two...

This customer requested for a surprised set for her husband and aunt birthday celebration….

It was a colourful set…..

New Bakes For Sale...

Went to Azie’s class and the results…….


Learn the technic- fondant cake with royal icing flowers from the last Wilton’s class and did this for fun…..

Royal Wedding

Hjh Rahmah from Tmn Perling hosted a very grand wedding for her daughter with the theme… the hantarans and d├ęcor and wedding cakes were all in rotal yellow theme…..

Terima kasih Hajjah kerana bagi peluang kepada ChunkyBites untuk kek fondant hantaran dan kek kahwin…

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pulut Kuning Beradab

First of all, thank you Kak Fadzillah (miralisya..yup..that miralisya, go and check out her blog) for referring ChunkyBites to Kak Aida from BBU……

We start of with a 1 tier before but this time Kak Aida ordered a 2-tier pulut cake as a gift for her close relative’s wedding… we were sooo glad she like it…

Thank you Kak….

Mariah's Grand Wedding

Congratulation Mariah and Aisham for your wedding. At last ..... Mariah you look like a princess. Semoga berkat dan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat. Amin...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Izza's Wedding

Izza, a friend of our client, Liya opted for a red, white and a lil of black wedding cake….. and as for her nikah, the hantaran were all decorated by the pride herself with touch of cream marrom, pink…so sweet and beautiful….

Thank you Izza ….u are a beautiful bride……

Sekolah Aminuddin Baki's

ChunkyBites was approached by this bubbly teacher, Cikgu Mardiana and her students from The Art Club to supply few hundred cuppies for their school’s carnival….

We didn’t snap the whole order due to kelamkabutness during delivery…but have asked cikgu to email us some pixs tho…..

And oh..the other box was for Cikgu’s daughter birthday….

Wilton Method

Done. Yay !!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Celebration

This cake was for two lovely ladies…Aunty Norlia and Aunty Wan who celebrated their birthday together at Aunty Wan’s tahlil gathering… One wanted to put her age on the later but the other remained secretive…we guess you know which one……… hehe

Hantaran Cuppies

These cuppies were ordered by the bride, Huda, a pharmacist-to-be for her nikah hantaran…her theme was pink.. Huda also orderd crystal fruits to be placed inside a glass bowl….

Congrats to Huda & Partner….

Wilton's Method 2

Done! 1 more to go…….

Michael ...

In memory of Michael Jackson... We love you. We grew up with you songs. To us, you're a great performer without doubt as well as great human being that ties all races. Thank you for the moments that you gave us. Michael, a divine Angel, captures in our heart. May peace be with you...Ameen