Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barbie Again .....Our Popular Demand

If any of you noticed, this is a different version of presentation where she stands on her own…we cater to the request as well….

MS. Barbie already set to go ! Where's my Kent ?

Lately, we received lots of request for Barbie cakes…not that we mind tho, we truly enjoyed baking the cakes and designing the gowns….

This Barbie cake was made for a 5 year-old girl who loves Barbie and the color green…so this was what we came out with.The event was held at McDee and the management also provide a cake for the birthday girl… the girl (and the parents, especially the mom) loved the designed of the cake so much the didn’t have the heart to cut the cake coz, “sayanglah…cantik sangat…” and they brought the cake home instead! Some tat attended was frustrated coz they didn’t get to taste it…hehe….